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Application area Rubber

Rubber additives from Sappi Biotech GmbH are marketed worldwide under the trade names "HANSA Dis" and "HANSA Powder". These are reliable processing additives for use in the processing of rubber and thermoplastic polymers. The main customers for our HANSA products are the manufacturers of technical rubber articles, shoe soles and sole sheets.

HANSA products aid in the dispersion and homogenization of fillers, pigments and other additives within the rubber or polymer matrix..

The products are also furnished with vulcanization activators, depending on area of application.

The use of HANSA products provides for an efficient manufacturing process characterized by a positive influence on the plasticity, viscosity and homogeneity of polymer additive mixtures. Areas of application for our products are calendering, extrusion and injection molding. In addition to optimizing processing, the physical properties of the end product are significantly improved. These particularly include the surface finish, hardness and resistance to tearing, shrinkage characteristics, pore structure and final ductility of the products.

All products are in powder form, with the active components of the formulation is absorbed by an inorganic carrier material, or by a naturally based organic carrier material.