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EVA sheets

Hansa DIS T4

Powder dispersing agent for injection molding of EVA soles and sole sheets as well as for peroxide crosslinked EVA soles and sole sheets.

For SBR, NR, NBR and IR rubber vulcanisates, for the manufacture of sole sheets and molded soles. Hansa-DIS T4 produces intense plastification as well as activation of the rubber mixture.

arrow  Reduction of mixture viscosity
arrow  Optimal dispersion and homogeneity of mixture components
arrow  Fast incorporation of filler material
arrow  Fast homogenization and dispersion of propellants
arrow  Homogeneous pore structure and smooth surfaces
arrow  Efficient injection molding and calendering
arrow  Minimal shrinkage and good final ductility of finished products

Hansa DIS TR

Powder dispersing agent for thermoplastic EVA polymers and SBS rubbers.

arrow  Increased plasticity and reduced viscosity
arrow  Fast dispersion of filler materials
arrow  Optimal mixture homogeneity
arrow  Efficient extrusion/injection molding
arrow  Optimal surface finish for molded soles and injection-molded articles