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Application Area Lignin Concrete admixtures

The widespread use of magnesium lignosulfonate in the area of concrete – particularly in ready-mix concrete – can be attributed to its outstanding dispersing properties. Agglomerates of cement particles are dispersed with the use of only small amounts of lignosulfonate.

As a result, homogenization of the cement utilized within the concrete mixture is optimized so that it can be used efficiently. Dispersion of the cement, where solids content remains constant, leads to lower water consumption during mixing of the concrete. Water content can be reduced accordingly. Concrete with a lower water/cement ratio (w/c) exhibits significantly greater strength after hardening. Use of magnesium lignosulfonate significantly improves the flow properties of concrete. Magnesium lignosulfonates are therefore rated as plastifying admixtures for concrete.


Our COLLEX® and HANSA® products are preferred for use in the area of concrete admixtures. We offer a wide variety of products for a vast array of applications, and we can further modify our products to suit specific customer needs.

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