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About us

A century of tradition
For about 100 years, Sappi Biotech GmbH, former Chemische Werke Zell Wildshausen (CWZ), has been marketing lignosulfonate – a byproduct of the cellulose production process that employs sulfites. This makes Sappi Biotech GmbH one of the very first companies to have become involved with the industrial uses of this product outside of the cellulose industry.

The importance of lignosulfonate as a bonding and dispersing agent has continued to grow steadily up to today. Today it is an indispensable additive in a wide array of industrial and commercial uses.


Sappi Biotech GmbH today
The company’s registered offices are located in Stockstadt. The Sappi Biotech GmbH Research & Development and Process Technology facilities are located in Mannheim. The company’s tank farms are located in Mannheim and Stockstadt.

Sappi Biotech GmbH is owned by SAPPI - Ltd., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of coated fine paper (5.7 million t) and cellulose (3.8 million t). With seven factories, the Sappi Group is the biggest producer of coated fine paper in Europe today. A total of 3.6 million tons of paper and 1.2 million tons of cellulose and BCTMP fibers are produced annually in Europe.